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Italia's Got Talent; Nazz King And Others To Grace Event With Spectacular Performance

Working so hard as one of the impactful and great black Italian in Europe, this year appears to be the most awesome year for the star, Nazz King and his Nazz King Music Worldwide fans.

The star has been spotted by the UN (organizers of the “Italy Got Talent) to be part of the influencial artiste to perform at this year’s grand finale of one of the world greatest reality show, Italia’s Got Talent.

Italia’s Got Talent is the Italian version of the international Got Talent series. The pilot episode was aired on 12 December 2009 on Canale 5 and it was seen by 5.3 million people.

It remains an annual reality show that discover talents globally through competition.

Talents are competing for €100,000, and the finals will be simulcast by Sky Uno and Cielo.

A whole lot of Italian artiste have always been billed to perform on the finals of this event.

This is the first time an African or Black is billed to appear on this stage. After hosting the Summer Bash in 2019 and his promising his fans to make it an annual event, Nazz King fans couldn’t enjoy the event this year due to the Covid-19, and here comes an opportunity for the Star to meet and entertain his fans at the Italia’s Got Talent.

Nazz King has undoubtedly put in great efforts in 2020 to come this far.

Dropping back to back hit singles such as “Tonight ft Boggy Wenzday, Oh Yeh, Heaven Full ft Yaa Pono” and super visuals of most has left him no choice than to be billed on this type of shows and many.

The event will be coming on on the 26th of September in Palermo.

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