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"Struggles Are Part Of The Game, But Never Give Up On Your Dreams" ~ Nazz King To All Artiste

Nazz King, a Ghanaian Born Italian based superstar, has called on all music lovers across Europe to join him have fun this weekend inside Palermo Sicily.

After pushing so harder and putting in marvelous works to become a household name in Europe and in Africa, the Afro Icon (Nazz King) have been booked to entertain music lovers at this year's edition of the Italia's Got Talent which will be held inside Palermo Sicily on Saturday, 26th September, 2020.

Nazz King express his delightfulness towards been a part of this great show and has urge all his fans and music lovers in general to join him honour this precious invitation from the organizers of the Italia's Got Talent.

Speaking on a phone interview with (, Nazz King said "I'm a proud African and very glad Coming this far, especially been the first African to achieve this, it's big for me and my fans".

On his message to colleagues, he urge all artiste to never give up on their dream, "Artiste should work harder towards their dreams, difficulties and struggles are part of the journey especially from the beginning, embrace them and you shall win over them".

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